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April 4th-13th: The Library Student Survey is active!

All students should have received an e-mail invitation to take the survey with the subject line “Your Opinion Matters: Take the Library Student Survey!”

Please take a moment to fill out this short, anonymous survey and help us improve library services.

Follow-Me Printing: Common Issues

A quick guide to using HPU's cloud printing system, Follow-Me Print, within library spaces.

Getting the message "Hold for Authentication" on Macs

"Hold for Authentication" Message on Macs

  1. Open your "spotlight search" by clicking the magnifying glass at the top of your screen.
  2. In the search box that pops up, type "keychain access" and press enter
  3. Your keychain window will pop up. Search "followmeprint" and it will isolate the file. Double-click the file to open.
  4. Make sure the username matches the first part of your HPU email (before the @) and the password is correct, then save changes.

Can't Click "Open Anyway" on Mac System Preferences

Can't Click "Open Anyway" on Mac System Preferences / System Preferences is Frozen

  1. Press and hold the "Command" key and then press the Q key to fully quit System Preferences.
  2. You should now be able to re-open it and select "open away" to continue the installation process.

"Can't Connect to Printer" Error Message on PCs

"Can't Connect to Printer" Error Message when Installing on Windows Laptop

  1. Try the alternate method of installing Follow Me Print on Windows by first clicking on this link.
  2. Click the link listed under the heading PC, titled "Setting Up Mobility Printing for Windows" and follow the instructions.