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Follow-Me Printing: Home

A quick guide to using HPU's cloud printing system, Follow-Me Print, within library spaces.

What is Follow-Me Printing?

HPU offers a cloud-based printing system for students, faculty and staff. In this system, print jobs are sent to a cloud and can be released with your passport card at any printer on campus. Computers in HPU Libraries are automatically set up to send jobs to the Follow-Me Print cloud. You can also install the printer on your laptop. See the pages in this guide for step-by-step instructions.

Initial setup is easy and quick:

     1. Touch your passport card to the printer until it beeps.

     2. Enter your HPU e-mail username (handle only--not the full e-mail) and password, and press “set.”

     3.You will get a confirmation that your account was set up.

Your card is now connected to your account. You only have to do this once—now a simple touch of your card logs you in! If you lose your card, you can still log in manually in the future.

Please note that this system ties your print job to your individual HPU account. When you send a job to the cloud, it can ONLY be released under your account. If you are logged into a library computer under your friend's username and password and you send a job to the cloud, then, you will NOT be able to release this job with your passport card. The computer account and printing accounts must match for the job to show up.

If you cannot log into your HPU account or have issues with a non-library printer, please contact IT at (336) 841-9147 or submit a ticket to the helpdesk.

For a link to all the information about Follow-Me Printing provided by HPU IT, please click here.

Where can I print in the library?

Smith Library has four large Follow-Me Printers:

     1. Main floor, left side: 2 printers; 1 prints color

     2. Main floor, right side: Prints black and white

     3. Lower level, outside acquisitions office: Prints color

The Wanek Center Learning Commons offers two color printers in its business center. See the librarian at the desk for help printing from your laptop.

How much does printing cost?

Standard print jobs (both black and white and color) as well as copies and scans are free and unlimited from all library printers. We simply ask that you be respectful of copyright laws, the environment, and of any others who may be waiting to use a library printer.

Please do not load your own paper into library printers, as they may jam.

HPU Libraries also offers specialty printing through its Print Shop on the bottom floor of Smith Library, where you can print academic posters, photos, etc., as well as laminate for a fee.

See Media & Printing for more information about specialty printing.