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April 4th-13th: The Library Student Survey is active!

All students should have received an e-mail invitation to take the survey with the subject line “Your Opinion Matters: Take the Library Student Survey!”

Please take a moment to fill out this short, anonymous survey and help us improve library services.

Follow-Me Printing: Print from your Laptop: PC

A quick guide to using HPU's cloud printing system, Follow-Me Print, within library spaces.

Set up Follow-Me Printing on a Windows Laptop

After you enable your account at any printer on campus, the next step is to install the driver on your laptop. Afterward, it will show up as a printer on your laptop called “FollowMePrint.” Sending a job to FollowMePrint sends it to a cloud (not a specific printer). The cloud holds the job for 24 hours until you swipe your passport at any printer on campus and “release” (print) the job.




Please use the following links to install the HPU Follow-Me Print system on a Windows or PC computer:


Ask a Librarian!

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