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HPU Archives: Viewing Your Results

A guide on how to use and search the HPU Archives

Viewing Your Results

Results are displayed in thumbnail tiles arranged in a grid. To navigate multiple-item collections, click the left and right arrows on the side of each object.

Transcripts are directly below the image. Click to expand, and you will be able to read the entire transcript.

You can search for specific phrases within your results by using the search bar to the right of the object, under "search this record." Records where that phrase occurs will be highlighted in red.


Expand the Transcript tab and scroll down. The phrase will be highlighted in orange.

Or you can perform a Ctrl+F search. This searches for the phrase on the entire page, not just in the transcript.

Clicking the expand icon will allow you to view all pages of the document in a viewing window.

You can also use the in-document search function to search for phrases in the document itself. Be aware that the word recognition software is not perfect, but it can often find what you need.

You can also browse through the pages by toggling the sidebar. This will allow you to see a preview of each page so that you can jump between pages without having to scroll.