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HPU Archives: Searching the Archives: Simple Search

A guide on how to use and search the HPU Archives

Simple Search

You can perform a simple search of our digital collections using the search box in the header of the digital repository.

For example, a search for "Roberts Hall" will return results with mentions of Roberts Hall, as well as photographs of Roberts Hall.

You can also use the Boolean operator "and" to combine search terms. To use other Boolean operators, you will need to do an advanced search.

You can also use an asterisk (*) to initiate a wildcard search. This will search for all variations on a word. For example, a search of the word "test" returns 55 results:

While a search of the word "test*" returns 82 results:

This is because "test*" searches not only for the word "test," but also for variations such as "tests," "tested," "testing," etc.