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ENG 1103 - First Year Writing: Evaluating Sources

Evaluating Websites -- The Four Moves

Four Moves for Evaluating Sources

In Mike Caulfield's text, Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers, he recommends deploying Four Moves when determining the credibility of sources found online:


Stop: "First, when you first hit a page or post and start to read it — STOP. Ask yourself whether you know the website or source of the information, and what the reputation of both the claim and the website is...Don’t read it or share media until you know what it is."

Investigate the Source: "Know what you're reading before you read it." Google the author, publication, or website before you engage with it, so you know what to expect from the source.

Find Better Coverage: Focus on the claim the source is making, and find reputable reporting on the claim. Find out what the general consensus is on this topic.

Trace Claims, Quotes, and Media back to the Original Context: Review the claim, quote, or media in its original context, and compare the original context to how it is presented in your online source.


Caulfield, Mike. Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers. Mike Caulfield, 2017. Pressbooks,

Skill Module: Evaluating Sources

undefined Skill Module: Evaluating Sources

This module explains the value of source evaluation as a skill, and offers tips and techniques for evaluating information.

Review the boxes on each tab, including the questions at the bottom to check for understanding.

Once you have reviewed the tabs, complete the quiz at the end.

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