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*Global Studies Subject Guide: Welcome!

W e l c o m e !

Welcome to the Global Studies Subject Guide!

Global Studies, by their very nature, cover a varied and inter-disciplinary range of topics and issues. These topics often look at the nature and composition of both traditional and contemporary societies.  Increasingly, globalization is forcing unwelcome change on local groups, economies and cultures, with transnational pressures often impacting ethnic and religious groups. Geo-political topics covered by globalization might include: human trafficking, global warming, migration, or the treatment of women.

The differences and similarities between cultures, can often stimulate rich areas of comparative research, studying areas such as literature, religion or human rights.  This guide is intended to help you get started on your researches. 

As always, ask an HPU librarian, if you need help!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Slum Favela, December 2008.