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Library Resources for HPU Preceptors: NCLive Resources

Links to NCLIVE databases which will support medical research on or off campus.

NCLive Resource Access

NCLive resources are purchased by the state to be used by North Carolinians for research and personal growth. This content is available via libraries within the state and you can gain access via the public library or through an academic library. Here we have included a description of how to get into and use the NCLive content along with a list of NCLive materials that lend themselves to the health profession. 

NCLive Resources

Logging into the website to gain access to content is easy.

Open a browser and use the links listed or just go to 


To login - once you are on the site, click on the Library link and then search for a public library that you frequent or your can locate High Point University from the list. Click on the university or library name and then click Next





You will be asked to enter a password.
This password is available from the Director of your Preceptor program. They can email this password to you. Remember that this password is for your use and should not be shared or posted on the web. 


Happy searching and please remember that the staff of Smith Library is ready to help if needed. 


NCLive Resources