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*English Subject Guide: Shakespeare

Criticism & Analysis


To search for books of criticism in the library catalog, try one of the searches below in the library catalog: 

  • Shakespeare criticism
  • [Title of work] criticism

Here are a few examples of what you can find:


Although articles about Shakespeare can be found in a wide variety of databases, these resources are most likely to have critical analyses of Shakespeare and his work. Ask a librarian if you need help finding more information! 


There are numerous journals devoted to Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Here are a few of the journals available in the HPU Libraries on this topic. 


HPU Libraries has copies of Shakepeare's works available for checkout, including collections of his complete works and individual plays. Search the library's online catalog for individual titles or browse the 822.33 area on the 3rd floor of Smith Library. 

Many of Shakespeare's works are also available for free in ebook format online. Here are a few sources for finding Shakespeare's works online.