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*Communication Subject Guide: Scholarly Articles

Resources and Databases for Scholarly Journal Articles

Communication & Mass Media Complete

The most comprehensive database for communication, mass media, and related fields. Provides article info for over 700 titles, including scholarly journals and trade publications for advertising, public relations, journalism, and other areas.

The following databases may also be helpful to your research:

Associated Resources

Database Searching Tips

Keywords matter. Think of different terms to search for the same thing. Instead of just "movies" search: movies OR films OR cinema OR "motion pictures"

Enclose phrases in quotation marks. In the above example, you would search "motion pictures" in quotation marks to keep the two words together.

Use the limiters. If you just need scholarly, peer-reviewed articles, for example, you can check a box to limit your search to show only those.

Pay attention to the number of results. Too many results? Connecting terms with AND narrows your search. Too few results? Connecting terms with OR broadens your search. Irrelevant results? Exclude terms with NOT.

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