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*Education Subject Guide: Find Articles

Use this subject guide to start your research in Education.

Education Databases

The following databases are your "best bet" for finding articles for education research:

Related Databases

These databases may also be helpful to your research. Still not finding what you need? Ask a librarian for help! You can also explore all of our databases through Resources A-Z on the library homepage. 

Other Resources

Education Database Searching Tips

As you construct a search for education research, make sure to include search terms for the following:

  • Level of education: Are you searching a specific grade level or grade range? Include keywords like kindergarten, primary, elementary, k-12, middle, high, secondary, college or "higher education" in your search.
  • Subject or discipline: You may need to include a subject as well as a grade level focus. Try keywords like science, STEM, literacy, art, English, special or general education to focus your research to your area.
  • Type of school: Is your search limited to a specific type of school? Keywords like public, private, for-profit, charter or magnet school will help narrow your search.
  • Geographic location: You may want to limit your search to specific geographic areas. Use the location filter or add keywords like "United States" or "North Carolina" to narrow your search and filter out research from other countries. You can also distinguish between urban and rural schools.
  • Any important acronyms associated with your topic. For example, instead of just searching "response to intervention" try searching for ("response to intervention" OR RTI).

Pay attention to the currency of the research. Education is constantly evolving and research from 20 years ago is of limited value.


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