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MLA Citation Guide: Audiovisual

Streaming Video

Lastname, Firstname, MI., contribution. Title of Streaming Video. Name of Production Company, Date

of Production.  Name of Database. URL.  (omit http:// or https://)


Carra, Lucile, director. The Last Wright: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Rebirth of an American City.

Filmakers Library, 2009. Alexander Street Press.

In text:  (Carra 00:03:25-00:04:15)


Note: For the in-text citation of “time-based” media, such as films, cite the time (or range of times), providing the  hours:minutes:seconds  of the material you are citing.

DVDs or Video Recordings

If your paper is discussing the contribution(s) of a particular person(s), then favor your citation to suit the contributor(s). In this case, 'contributors' are treated as the 'author.' Contributors might include: directors, editors, actors, screen writers, etc.


Lastname, Firstname, contribution. Title of Movie. Name of Studio or Primary Production Company,

Year of original release.


Scott, Ridley, director. Bladerunner. Warner Home Video, 2007.

In text: (Scott 00:06:27-00:08:32)

Sound Recordings

Artist Lastname, Firstname MI. “Title of Track/Song.” Title of Album/Work, Details of the production,

Production Company or Publisher, Date.


Adam, Adolphe. “Introduction.” Giselle, Conducted by Richard Bonynge: Orchestra of the Royal Opera

House, Covent Garden, Decca Record Company, 1996.

In text: (Adam 00:45-02:24)


Note: For the in-text citation of “time-based” media, such as sound recordings or films, cite the time (or range of times), providing the    hours:minutes:seconds   of the material you are citing.

YouTube Video

Author’s Name or Poster’s Username. “Title of Video.” Name of Website, Name of Website’s Publisher,

date of posting, URL. (omitting  http://  or  https:// ) Accessed day month year.


TED. “The Secret to Being a Successful Freelancer - The Way We Work, a TED Series.” YouTube,

2 Nov. 2020, Accessed 15 Dec. 2020.

In text: (TED)


Television Show Episode

“Title of Episode.” Title of TV Show or Cable Series, principal creator(s), contributor(s), season #,

episode #, Name of Studio or Primary Production Company, Production year.


“The Crocodile’s Dilemma.” Fargo: The Complete First Season, created by Noah Hawley,

performance by Billy Bob Thornton, season 1, episode 1, MGM Television Entertainment, 2014.

In text:  ("Crocodile's Dilemma" 00:12:06-00:15:10)