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MLA Citation Guide: Web & Social Media

Entire Website

Not every website will have all of the following elements.  Collect as many elements as you can from the list below, omitting in sequence any you can not find.


Author Lastname, Firstname, MI. “Title of the Article or Web Page.” Title of the Website, Name of

the Publisher, Day Month Year, DOI (or  URL  or  stable link), Accessed Day Month Year.

Note: Always omit http:// or https://

Note: Only include Name of the Publisher if differs from the Title of the Website


"David Plowden: Photographer.", 2019, 

Accessed 7 Jan. 2020.

In text:  ("David Plowden: Photographer")



"Social Trends." Pew Research Center. 2020.  Accessed 6 Jan. 2020.

In text:  ("Social Trends")



Centers for Disease Control.  US Department of Health and Human Services, 2020,,

Accessed 9 Jan. 2020.

In text:  (Centers for Disease Control)

Page on a Website

Lastname, Firstname, MI. “Title of the Article.”  Title of the Website, Name of the Publisher, URL.

Accessed Day Month Year.

Note: Notes from "Entire Website" (see above) apply


Kane, Joseph W.  “Banning Cars Won’t Solve America’s Bigger Transportation Problem: Long

Trips.” Brookings Institution,

wont-solve-americas-bigger-transportation-problem-long-trips/.  Accessed 6 Jan. 2020.

In text:  (Kane)

Article Published on the Web

Follow as for “DATABASE: Scholarly Article / Newspaper / Magazine”, as follows, skipping any items that are missing:


Lastname, Firstname, MI. “Article Title.” Journal Title, vol. #, no. #, Publication date, Time, Title of

Website,  DOI  (or  URL  or  stable link), (always omit http:// or https://)  

Accessed Day Month Year.


Peeples, Lynne. “Fracking Chemicals May Mess with Hormones, Lower Sperm Counts.” The

Huffington Post, 14 Oct. 2015, 1.41 p.m. EST,


Accessed 29 July 2016.

In text: (Peeples)

Social Media


@Twitter Handle.  "Full Text of the Whole Tweet."  Twitter, Day Month Year of Posting,

Time Stamp, URL.  (omit http:// or https://)


@HPUFilmSociety.  "Tonight at 7pm @hpulibrary we watch Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing,

Missouri -- a dark comedy/crime drama that garnered Oscars for both Frances McDorman and

Sam Rockwell.  Also, this…"  19 Nov. 2018, 10:21


In text:   (@HPUFilmSociety)



@Account Holders Name.  "Image Caption -- if available. If not, brief description of the image." 

Instagram, Names of Other Contributors, (if any)  Day Month Year of Posting, Time Stamp,

URL.  (omit http:// or https://)


@tomhanks.  "Self-portrait of Tom Hanks."  Instagram, 14 Dec. 2019,

In text:  (@tomhanks)



Author Lastname, Firstname, MI. or Account Name.  Description of Post. (Do not use quotation marks

or italics),  Facebook, Day Month Year of Post, Time Stamp, URL.  (omit http:// or https://)


GoatsofAnarchy.  Loner Goats Become Stallmates and Fall in Love. Facebook, 25 June 2018, 9:55


In text:  (GoatsofAnarchy)