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MLA Citation Guide: Articles

DATABASE: Journal / Magazine / Newspaper Article

Lastname, Firstname, MI. “Article Title.” Journal Title, vol. #, no. #, Season, Publication date, Page(s).

     Title of Database, doi. (or URL, if no doi is available)

Example 1:

Chan, Yaocheng. "Postmodernism and Hong Kong Cinema." Postmodern Culture, vol. 10, no. 3, May 2000,

     pp. 1-10. Project Muse, doi:10.1353/pmc.2000.0021.

In text: (Chan 7)

Example 2:

Susina, Jan. "Relentless Progress: The Reconfiguration of Children's Literature, Fairy Tales, and Storytelling."

     Children's Literature Association Quarterly, vol. 34, no.3, Fall, 2009, pp. 304-7. ProQuest Central,

In text: (Susina 306)


“Article Title” is in quotation marks.

Author Name(s):  Follow as for ‘Books’: Single author, 2 authors, 3 or more.

No Author: If there is no author credited, start the citation with the “Article Title.”

Page Numbers:    For single pages, use ‘p.’ followed by the number:     p. 8

                            For multiple pages, use ‘pp.’ followed by the numbers:     pp. 10-12

Note: If an article is not printed on consecutive pages, cite only the first page number in the range, followed by a plus sign:  pp. A1+.

Publication Date: (where available), is written as: Day Month Year:    Example:   23 Aug. 2003

                Months are written / abbreviated as follows:

                Jan.   Feb.   Mar.   Apr.   May   June

    July   Aug.   Sept.  Oct.   Nov.   Dec.

Season(s):  Write in full.  Examples: Spring    Summer    Fall/Winter  etc.

     *** Publication months or "seasons" must always be included, if available     

Title of Journal/Magazine/Newspaper is in italics. If the name of the city is not included in the title of a newspaper, add the city name (not in italics) in square brackets after the title of the paper. Omit A, An or The from the title for the ‘In text’ entry. 

Example: The Star-Ledger [Newark]

                In text: (Star-Ledger 12)

     For a nationally published newspaper, you do not need to use square brackets to identify the city.

                Example: The New York Times

                In Text: (New York Times 8)


Volume Number (vol. #). and  Issue Number (no. #): Provide if available.


ONLINE: Journal / Magazine / Newspaper Article

Follow as for: “Database – Journal / Magazine / Newspaper Article”, adjusting as follows:

Lastname, Firstname, MI. “Article Title.” Journal Title, vol. #, no. #, Publication date, Time, Title of Website, URL.

     Accessed Day/Month/Year.


Fassler, Joe. “The First Sentence is a Handshake.” The Atlantic, 29 Oct. 2014. The Atlantic Monthly Group. Accessed 14 July 2016.

In text: (Fassler)

Notes: If there is no author cited, start the entry with the “Article Title.”  When a source has more than one publication date for online articles, use the date that most closely suits the way you are citing the material.

PRINT: Journal / Magazine / Newspaper Article

Follow as for: Database – Journal/Magazine/Newspaper Article, but end with the Page(s).


Nelson, Walter R. "Some Examples of Plank House Construction and Their Origin." Pioneer America, vol. 1, no.2,

     July 1969, pp. 18-29.

In text: (Nelson 19-20)

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