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Career Resources: How Can I Locate Companies Within an Industry?

Use this subject guide to find recommended resources to help you explore potential Careers.

Reference USA

In ReferenceUSA you can search for a company by name, by industry code or by its location. Company listings at this level include access to the job and internship listings. Please notice that you can search these listings separately. 

The results that the search generates can be made into a list. Notice the description of the company includes the industry codes, company information, data about the company, competitors and so on.



The following search is for Becton Dickinson. 


The search results are below for Becton Dickinson. To sort click the blue arrow to the right. Click on the headquarters. 


To find competitors of Becton Dickinson, once on the corporate page, scroll down to industry codesWe will use the primary NAICS code (339112) to find all of the competitors in the US that are in the market.

Go to advanced search to search by business type. Search by the primary NAICS code. Be sure you have selected the result matching the code.  

The results before performing the search are 14,830,317. Click update count. 

The results after the search is down to 5,542. Click view results.

Click Headquarters to narrow down to only headquarters. 

The count is lowered by selecting headquarters. 


Here are all of the competitors in the US that are in the market. The results can be sorted by size, address, city, etc. To further refine your results, simply select more search criteria.