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Interlibrary Loan: Loans

Interlibrary Loan- Loan Requests

Loan requests are made when you need to borrow full works, such as books and movies. These items are sent to us from lending schools and are picked up via library pickup or campus delivery (faculty only.) These requests take 1-3 weeks to arrive and must be returned to the library prior to their due date. This page will walk you through creating an ILL request for a loan

Go to the library homepage and use the library catalog to locate the materials you need.



Next, Once you have found what you need in the catalog, click the blue button that says "Interlibrary Loan Request/Faculty Delivery." This will take you to the online form you will need to complete to request materials. 


3. Finally, complete the online form and hit "Submit Request." Using this form you can customize your request to meet your specific needs. Please make sure to complete the form as much as possible before submitting it; make sure you have the OCLC number for the book, as well as the ISBN (this information can be found on the catalog record for the book you need, just click "View Description.") Most times this information will be filled in automatically but not always, so it never hurts to double check. Finally, make sure to choose "Loan" under "Service Type." Once you hit "Submit Request" you are good to go.