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Interlibrary Loan: Copies

Interlibrary Loan-Copy Requests

Copy requests are used when you need to borrow a partial copy of a larger work, such as a book chapter or an academic journal article. Copy requests usually take 1-3 days to arrive, are emailed directly to you and are yours to keep. The article will be available for you to view from your email for 30 days after you receive it. This page will take you through submitting an ILL request for a copy.

To begin the process, find the item(s) you need in the library catalog.


 Next, once you have found what you need in the catalog, click the blue button that says "Interlibrary Loan Request/Faculty Delivery." This will take you to the online form you will need to complete to request materials.


Finally, complete the online form and hit "Submit Request." Using this form you can customize your request to meet your specific needs. Please make sure to complete the form as much as possible before submitting it; this ensures the speedy processing of your request so we can get your materials fast. Make sure to include the date of publication, volume and issue/ number, as well as the ISSN number for the article. Finally, make sure to choose "COPY" under "Service Type."  Most of the time this data will auto-fill but not all the time, so it never hurts to double-check. Once you hit "Submit Request" you are good to go.