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ENG 1103 - College Writing & Public Life: Find Sources

General Databases

Research Databases: Scholarly Articles, Newspapers, and More

The databases listed below are general, meaning they cover a wide variety of topics. If you would like to find a subject-specific database, check out that discipline's subject guide to identify the most popular resources for that discipline, or ask a librarian!  

Online News Sites

Online News Sites

The links below are to the online editions of these newspapers. For some newspapers, the library may have access to articles and issues that are not available for free on the web. Need to access a certain article? Check the library catalog, or ask a librarian for help!

Search the library catalog!

Search the Library Catalog

Especially helpful for books, e-books, and finding the full-text of specific articles!



News and politics, opinions, editorials, and more! The list below is only a handful of the magazines we have access to. If you're looking for one magazine in particular, try searching our Journal Finder.

Streaming Video

Streaming Video

Below is a list of streaming video resources you can access through the library!

What kind of information do you need?

Before you start doing research, take a moment to think about what information will best serve your purpose for writing.

Do you need to find news to check the current state of your issue?

Do you need to find an expert analysis of this subject?

Do you need to find multiple perspectives on this topic? 

Not sure what you need? Talk to your professor or ask a librarian! 

We also have a collection of library and research video tutorials available here.

Skill Module: Database Search Strategies

undefined Skill Module: Database Search Strategies

This module includes a quick overview of boolean search logic, pro tips for database searching, and insight into time-saving database features. 

Review the boxes on each tab, then check your understanding by completing the quiz at the end.