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ENG 1103 - College Writing & Public Life: Brainstorm



Before you start writing, take some time to think about what you want to write about. What topic is interesting to you? Then do some research to learn more about the issue BEFORE you take a stance. 

Padlet gives you a blank wall. You and your students can put anything you want on it, anywhere. Simple, yet powerful.

Create professional-quality flowcharts, organizational charts, UML diagrams, network diagrams, wireframes, technical drawings and more. Gliffy works directly in your browser, no downloads necessary. Free account allows 5 public diagrams, no private ones.

Lucid charts redesigns the entire diagramming process to make it as easy as possible. Make flow charts, wireframes, mind maps, and organization charts.

Popplet is a tool for the iPad and web to capture and organize your ideas.

undefined Skill Module: Choosing a Topic

This module walks through the process of choosing a viable topic, and transforming that topic into a research question.

Review the boxes on each tab, including the questions at the bottom to check for understanding. Once you have reviewed the tabs, complete the quiz at the end.

Background Information

Reference sources can be a great place to go for general background information, definitions, and overviews of a particular topic. Not finding what you need? Just ask a librarian! 

Topic Databases

These databases organize their content by topic to help you find information on current issues. Not all the articles in these databases represent opinions. Some provide information that may help you support your argument, bring in another perspective, or help you refute an opposing argument. 

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Statistics & Data

You can find additional resources on our Statistics Guide, or ask a librarian for help!