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*Summer Advantage Research Guide 2024: Welcome

We are Here to Help You!

One of the most important things we librarians do is to assist our patrons, students, faculty and staff with finding and assessing books, chapters, articles and other sources for academic research and writing. Our library and webpage contain many pathways to excellent resources. We constantly update and improve our holdings, adding new sources and removing outdated ones. So, with all the choices and different services and tools we have, it is critical to know your way around the library and its online tools. That is why we have created so many ways for you to get help: 24 hour chat service, ability to schedule a one on one appointment with a librarian, email and phone. So don’t be shy about asking for help. The main desk you see as you walk in is where you can get research help. The librarian there will be happy to help you. It is what we are here for.

How Can the Library Help Me?

Welcome to HPU Libraries! 

This guide is designed to help you with the research process. Our librarians can help you with many aspects of your academic life at HPU, including:

Research Help: Find articles, books, encyclopedias, and more

Citation Help: Create citations for your research paper using the correct style

Media Help: Create multimedia projects and find media resources

Interlibrary Loan: Get materials from other libraries for your research

Ask a Librarian at any point, if you need help!