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Marketing Research MKT 4400-02: Getting Started


This research guide was created to introduce you to some of the University's market research resources. 

This guide covers four areas:

secondary research, company information, finding Industry and market data.

There is a tab that links you to a short assignment (Marketing data project) and there is a link to citing and to the library pages. 

Note: The following video helps demonstrates the concepts found in the narrative located on this page. 

Watch the video on the page or use this link - Market Research Introduction

Video help - Market Research - Getting started

Thinking about market research data.

There is a lot of wonderful data that I can use to research markets. Market data can challenge our established ideas about a market or an industry; even ones that we think we know well. 

For instance, as an iPhone user I might think that they are one of the more common mobile phones to own. After all, a lot of my friends have one. This chart illustrates the worldwide production of smartphones and you can see what percentage iPhones makeup the worldwide market. Check the graph.

iPhones makeup what percentage of the worldwide production of smartphones?  

Correct - about 15% of the worldwide production of mobile phones are Apple products. The Apple operating system is exclusive to iPhones and other Apple technology so the mobile phone production companies listed here do not make iPhone compatible mobile devices. Congratulations, you just researched a market!   

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