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Marketing 3600 - Company list: Introduction

A how-to guide for creating business lists.

Business Bootcamp

The purpose of this guide is to help you locate information about careers and research information about companies. You would use this information to:

  • Research possible industries and companies for employment
  • Research a company when prepping for a job or internship interview 
  • Doing research for a business class 
  • Doing research while interning or working in a business or non-profit

When looking up a company, here are some key terms to remember. 

Company structure:

  • Headquarters - each company has one and only one - this is where the hiring is done and this is where contracts are written. 
  • Subsidiary - is a company owned by another company - you could get a job or internship there as well. 
  • Branch - part of a company - a ford factory would be a branch of Ford Motor Company. You might work or intern in a factory but you would apply for that job or internship through the headquarters.