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This guide supports the work of the HPU Library Faculty Committee


We are using this guide to post current information as it pertains to libraries and their changing role on an academic campus. As the semester progresses, we will post other articles and links. 

If you would like to add content - just send it to David Bryden - 

As we all know, there are many images and narratives about libraries on the web.

"Physical space plays an important role in helping the library to achieve user-centric missions. In many academic institutions, significant number of students pass through library space daily. It is often said that the library on campus is a third place, a kind of holding, in between and neutral space that serves as a transition between dormitory and work. Students are in fact captive audience which third places like libraries can potentially shape their learning behavior and help them to achieve their academic goals." From: Choy, F. C., & Goh, S. N. (2016). A framework for planning academic library spaces. Library Management, 37(1), 13-28. doi:

Here are links to a couple that we have discussed:

From an article on library spaces: "The three library spaces that attracted the most positive comment in discussion posts were quite different, but all had distinctive features that appealed to several students:

Library design is celebrated each year. Enjoy these links to articles as found in the library literature. 


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