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ENG 3710 - Brandt - Video Project: Home

Introduction and Getting Started

This libguide is to help the students in ENG 3750 Brandt with their video essay project by linking to tutorials and resources.

Please remember to email the Media & Digital Resource Librarian Amy Chadwell ( with any questions or concerns. 

Getting Started Tips:

  • Consider your time needed to record, research, and edit your film. Example: for a 3 minute video, allow at least 3-6 hours of work.
  • Write down everything you use that you did not create for citation purposes.  You may not remember what you used if you don't do this as you go along. This guide has examples of MLA citations for common media types you might use in this project.
  • Steps:
    • Outline: key concepts, overall vision or approach, cast and roles for group, decision on types of media to use.
    • Script: dialogue should be written down as rough or as verbose as you want any speaking to be.
    • Storyboard: sequential list of shots, sketches, direction. (Use PDF below to help.)
    • Rough Cut:  Gather all film, other media to be used and begin to edit
    • Final Draft – Finished product to turn in or shared online.  Last shot has citations for all media incorporated.

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