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Marketing Research Resources: Industry Reports and Market data

Marketing Research Resources at HPULibraries

Market Reports?

Industry and market data reports are easy to locate.

These resources require that I consider the same questions as I did in the first part. Who has the data and can I trust a resource? So much of the content that we read online may have been created digitally. Market reports and narratives on specific markets probably had some human input. In many cases, this means that the report will have a higher cost putting it out of the reach of smaller companies or non-profits.  

Question 3 - Where can I locate "good" industry data that is free?  

Industry Reports

Finding expert industry information that you can trust is tricky. Business Insight has an entire section of Industry reports. 

While you are looking at a company - click on the Industries - the next page shows the industry report and you can read and reference that report as a part of your research. 

Use can also use the search link and search for an industry and then find and read the report. 

Here is what this looks like. Click on the image below to view the report. 



Statista is one of the most enjoyable resources to use. It includes lots of data and is mostly image based. 

The data is pulled from the best marketing resources. Locate the search box and simply add a topic - company or industry name. 

It works well with company information and since it is a global database you find international content. 

Here is a search on social media platform use in the United States. 

Other Marketing data resources

Market resources tell you how an industry - company or market segment is performing. Information on some markets are harder to find than others. Information on computer technology is pretty difficult but furniture, clothing and shoes are pretty easy. Proprietary company data can be difficult to locate. So do not get frustrated and try these sources!  

Trade Associations: 

Trade Associations are groups which support an industry -( )

  • Normally these groups are supported by the dues of companies within an industry. 
  • They often set technical standards which will benefit the membership as a whole. 
  • They promote and often lobby for that industry. 
  • Market research data they collect can be provided to the industry as a whole and often to interested parties - like you!  

Locating a trade association for a particular market/industry. 

  • Search for a trade association by industry name (where have I seen those industry names?) 
  • Use the term "association" as a part of the search. 
  • Many associations use the .org as a part of their web presence to indicate they are an association.