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*Business & Economics Subject Guide: Finance Data

Use this subject guide to start your research in Business and Economics topics.

Finance Data

Publicly traded companies in the US are required to provide financial data to the US government, to shareholders, and to the public. Private companies on the other hand, do not have to supply that data to the public. There are about 10 to 15 thousand publicly traded companies in the United States.

There are many sites where a researcher can find and review this financial data. The information can be found via the government as found at the SEC (the Security and Exchange Commission) and can be found online at Edgar Online.  Edgar Online is a government resource that allows the researcher to view the many documents that are supplied by publicly traded companies. Other sites provide that same data along with stock and mutual fund information. 

What follows is a list of sources where you can access this company data. Several of these are resources that the school purchases for you to access and because of that limited access, might require a username and password.  

Financial Data Sources

This is a list of financial data resources which you can use to access and review Annual Reports, 10-Ks and other company documents.  Balance sheets, income and cash flow statements are some of the reports that you will find useful when looking at company financials. Many of these resources provide the researcher with ratio analysis or even let you compare a company’s financial data to one of its competitors; a very useful tool. These resources mostly review companies that are publicly traded. Information about the company’s stock will also be provided.  

Bloomberg is a for profit resource that provides company financial data. Ask your professor about access. 

Business Insight - this is another business database that the University purchases. It covers thousands of companies both public and private. It also includes information on many international companies. Simply type in the company name and chose from the list. Once you are on the company data page, you will see links to articles, marketing, and other company data. One of the best features is the access to financials. Click on that link and chose the type of financials you want to view. You can also compare these numbers to a competitor! 

Capital IQ - ( - is a for profit resource that provides company financial data. Ask your professor about access. 

Morningstar - access to this resource is provided by libraries in North Carolina and includes stock, mutual fund, and other business data. Enter the company name or the stock ticker symbol to locate the company of interest. Company reports include a ratio analysis.