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MBA Business Research: Business Quiz Answers

The MBA Business Research was constructed to help students in MBA classes with basic business research methods - topics covered include: company data, country research, and marketing information resources.

Business Quiz Answers - Quiz 1 & 2

Business Quiz 1 

Business and Company Research Quiz - answers

What is the primary NAICS code for Microsoft?

  • 511210 - Software Publishers

Corporate headquarters for Boise Corporation is located in what city/state?

  • Framingham, MA

Using the Primary NAICS code for Microsoft, how many companies with headquarters in the USA share their primary NAICS?

  • 500-600? - 586

Using the Primary NAICS code for the McDonalds Corporation, how many businesses in Greensboro NC have that as their primary code?

  • 10-20 - food service contrators

How many McDonald's chain restaurants are located in the NC?

  • 400-600 - A lot!

Business Quiz 2 - Business data quiz answers  

Coca Cola is a big company. How many employees do they have?

  • Over 60,000

Which one of these is the primary NAICS code assigned to Coca Cola?

  • 312111 - Soft Drink Manufacturing

Which one of these is not a brand of the Coca Cola Company?

  • Cheerwine

Coca Cola's total assets?

  • 87,896,000,000

Coca Cola's total liabilities?


According to the Global Industry report, which of the following is the biggest threat to the soft drink industry?

  • - drinking plenty of water as a top healthy-living habit
  • - hydration products, like coconut water
  • - brewed beverages, value-added water, and hydration drinks
  • - All of the above (this one!)