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ENG/WGS 2220 -- Women's Literary Traditions Richard: Presentation Tips and Tools


"As a group, you’ll present on the common theme (or school of thought, time period, etc) your group has been assigned, using the information and research you’ve done on your individual authors to make a cohesive statement about the importance of your group of authors in literary study (why we should read and know about them). "



This is entire video is great stuff, but pay particular attention at timestamp 4:57

Free Presentation Resources:

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Copyright-Friendly Images

Copyright is important when considering what visual resources to use in your project.  Please remember that citation and attribution rules still apply.  For more information about copyright and where to find images for your projects, check out the Copyright: Visual and Digital Resources Guide listed above.  

For quick reference of visual resources, check out some popular links and databases below.  Not all of them are copyright free, so please remember to check the rights statements on each image.