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ENG/WGS 2220 -- Women's Literary Traditions Richard: Author Profile: Background

"Individually, you’ll research your chosen author in order to build a profile about their lives and work: biography, literary output and reputation, as well as common themes or concerns about which they tend to write. You can (and should!) read any short pieces they’ve done (essays, poems, short stories, and so on) to get a sense of their style. Pay particular attention to places: where they were born, went to school, lived, places they wrote about, anything like that; this will come in handy for the Google aspect of the project. "

Biography Resources

Biography Reference Bank via NCLive

Biography Reference Bank offers narrative profiles for more than 750,000 individuals, and is continuously updated with new biographies.

Biography Reference Center via NCLive

Biography Reference Center contains more than 430,000 full-text biographies. In addition to searching the names of individuals, users can also search by occupation, nationality, and publication, to pull larger groups of people.

Credo Reference

"Credo is a database of background content. It's full-text and can help you learn the basics of any topic. Start your research here to focus your topic, find keywords and people, and discover more in-depth books and articles"--Credo Reference

Films for the Humanities: Films on Demand via NCLIVE

As the leading provider of media for higher education, Films for the Humanities and Sciences creates and distributes world-class academic content for discerning educators. Films for the Humanities and Sciences is widely recognized as having the broadest and deepest range of content available. Many of these titles are accessible through searching the High Point University library online catalog.

Google Tour Builder


"Individually, you’ll create a Google Tour, which is a map-based (and web-based) storytelling tool that allows you to “map out” your author’s life and work using your research and other digital media (images, videos, and so on) to build your author profile."


Copyright & Visual Resources

Copyright is important when considering what visual resources to use in your project.  Please remember that citation and attribution rules still apply.  For more information about copyright and where to find images for your projects, check out the Copyright: Visual and Digital Resources Guide listed above.  

For quick reference of visual resources, check out some popular links and databases below.  Not all of them are copyright free, so please remember to check the rights statements on each image.