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*Psychology Subject Guide: Posters & Presentations

HPU Libraries Media & Digital Services supports creative projects by lending video equipment, offering professional-grade printing services, and making available the Mini Studio for podcast recording, as well as the Mac computer lab for video/audio editing. Media & Digital Services is on the First Floor of Smith Library.

undefined​HPU Libraries' Guide to Successful Podcasting

This guide offers information, tutorials, and online resources for novice and intermediate podcasters alike; whether you're starting fresh or just looking to polish an already established podcast, this guide is for you.

undefinedHPU Libraries' Guide to Research Poster Creation

View sample research posters, learn design principles, and discover software, font, and image resources best-suited to research poster creation.

How to Write Up Research Findings

Follow instructor guidelines carefully, and gather useful tips from the following materials: 

Meet with Media & Digital Services for Equipment & Design Assistance

Copyright-Friendly Images

Copyright is important when considering what visual resources to use in your project.  Please remember that citation and attribution rules still apply.  For more information about copyright and where to find images for your projects, check out the Copyright: Visual and Digital Resources Guide:

For quick reference of visual resources, check out some popular links and databases below.  Not all of them are copyright free, so please remember to check the rights statements on each image.