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*Psychology Subject Guide: Tests & Measurements

Psychological tests (aka: surveys, research instruments, scales, measures, inventories, assessments) may take the form of:

  • published instruments: These are available commercially for a fee from the test publisher.
  • unpublished instruments: You may be able to find these in academic books or research articles in databases.

Finding "Unpublished" Tests

You may be able to find the full text of tests and measures used in research studies by searching for the name of the test in an academic database:

Check out this video from APA to help identify PsycTest sources using EBSCO:

Quick Tip:

If you find an instrument in PsycTESTS that is NOT fulltext, check the name of the publication the test lives in--this should be in the record's description under 'Source Citation'. Then look up the article title in the library catalog. If you find fulltext of the article, the instrument should be with it as well.


You may also have success searching specific journals like Psychological Assessment or Educational and Psychological Measurement. You can access these--and many other journal titles--through Journal Finder.

Finding "Published" Tests

Two notable publications at Smith Library that index published instruments include: