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Google: Beyond Search Basics

How to best search Google, use Google drive, and more.

Google Advanced Search

When searching a topic, and you receive too many hits, try Advanced Search in order to better filter the results.  To find Advanced Search, go to the top right of the screen and push on the wrench image.  

Google Advanced Search gives you many options to help you limit your search, such as:

  • Specifying your search by including or excluding words or phrases.
  • Narrowing results by language, site domain, file type, etc.  
  • You can turn on Safe Search, which filters out explicit content.  
  • You can search within specific domains or web pages.  

Google Web History

Google Web History allows you look at your past searches and search activity by simply logging into your Google account.  You can also re-run a search to see if there are new results.  

Google Search Alerts

Google Alerts emails you automatically when something new happens in your designated search term.  You can filter your Google Alert to news, blogs, books, video, discussions, language, region, how often, and what email address you want to receive the alerts.  

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