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April 4th-13th: The Library Student Survey is active!

All students should have received an e-mail invitation to take the survey with the subject line “Your Opinion Matters: Take the Library Student Survey!”

Please take a moment to fill out this short, anonymous survey and help us improve library services.

Google: Google Search Basics

How to best search Google, use Google drive, and more.

Before you Search

  • Choose as many descriptive words as needed.  Google accepts up to 32 words in the search box.  
  • Use nouns, not stop words.  
  • Set your Search Settings in Google.  These settings will help you filter and refine your results.  
  • If you are not using Chrome (Google's Internet browser), than it might be good to set up a Google Toolbar in your desired browser.  

Google Search Tips

  • Use quotes around a set of words you want to use as a phrase.  This is useful when searching for someone's name.  For example, you can search for "Tom Cruise"
  • You can exclude terms by adding a - .  For example, you can search: Tom Cruise -Katie Holmes
  • To add synomyns in order to get more results, add a capital letter OR.  For example, you can search: Tom Cruise OR Suri
  • You can create a search within a site using Google by searching site: and then the URL.  For example, you can search ""tom cruise"
  • You can use the specialized search options at the top of the screen, such as Images, News, Videos, Shopping, Maps, Books, Apps, and Flights.  For example, you can select Images, type in "Tom Cruise" and get pictures fo Tom Cruise.  
  • You can use "Search Tools," a the box under the Google search box, towards the right.  This has options of selecting the time the webpage was updated/created; narrowing down your results to visited pages, not yet visited, private, and more; and a location tab, where you can search from your current location or select another location.  

Useful Links