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*Sport Management Subject Guide: Sports Law

This guide will aid you in finding information for sport and event management major.

Why do background research?

One of the first steps in the legal research process is to conduct background research in secondary sources. Secondary sources can provide a springboard for beginning a research project. At this stage the researcher may consult secondary sources:

  • to obtain background information and an overview of an unfamiliar or emerging area of law
  • to obtain citations to primary authorities to launch the research
  • to suggest further issues or analytic approaches to the problem

(adapted from the Thurgood Marshall Law Library Research Guide)

Selected E-books

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Law Reviews

"Law review" is the term used for articles published in legal periodicals or law journals. They are secondary sources because they are describing, analyzing, or commenting on the law; they are not the law itself. Law review articles are typically written by lawyers or law students. 

Full Text Laws

Finding Cases in Google Scholar

When you do a Google Scholar search for a case, it is automatically set up to search articles, but there is a button under the search box for "case law" you can check to just search cases:


Searching for the two party names, written out without abbreviations, usually yields the best results.

You can also search for a topic to find cases related to the topic.

Notice you can limit to cases in a specific state or jurisdiction.


Searching legal cases in HeinOnline

HeinOnline recently replaced LexisNexis as our go-to resource for legal research. The interface is easily searchable--just click the "case law" tab and enter your search terms to find a case summary.