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REL 2099 Blosser Video Project: Citing Your Sources


Lastname, Firstname MI. of the creator of the image. “Title of the Work.”  Publisher, Publication date,

     URL. (omitting  http://  or  https:// )  Accessed day month year.


Lange, Dorothea.  “Destitute Pea Pickers in California, a 32-year-old Mother of Seven Children.”

     Getty Images, 9 Mar. 1936.

     mother-of-news-photo-90768141.  Accessed 29 July 2016.

In text: (Lange)

YouTube Video

Author’s Name or Poster’s Username. “Title of Video.” Name of Website, Name of Website’s Publisher, date of posting,

     URL. (omitting  http://  or  https:// ) Accessed day month year.


TEDx Talks. "Social justice - is it still relevant in the 21st century? - Charles L. Robbins - TEDxSBU."

YouTube, 17 Dec. 2014,  Accessed 29 July 2016.

In text: (TEDx Talks)


Sound Recording

Lastname, Firstname MI. of Artist. “Title of Track/Song.” Title of Album/Work, Details of the production,

        Production Company or Publisher, Date.

Note: For the in-text citation of “time-based” media, such as sound recordings or movies, cite the time (or range of times), providing the    hours:minutes:seconds   of the material you are citing.


Adam, Adolphe. “Introduction.” Giselle, Conducted by Richard Bonynge: Orchestra of the Royal Opera House,

        Covent Garden, Decca Record Company, 1996.

In text: (Adam 00:45 – 02:24)