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World War One: Research Tools

This Research Guide is intended to highlight WWI materials available in the libraries of HPU, as well as databases and web resources.

RESEARCH TOOLS - Encyclopedias

These are just a few the encyclopedias we have in the HPU Libraries, related to World War One.

RESEARCH TOOLS - WWI Histories & Others

This is a small sample of the books we have in the HPU Libraries related to World War One. Ask us for help to find other titles!


Europeana 1914-1918: "Untold stories and official histories of WWI"

- Provides easy access to over 400,000 digital items, from the national collections of eight countries, including the USA. Contains letters, photos, keepsakes & film materials.

National Archives: “Military Resources: World War I.”

- Produced by the U.S. National Archives & Records Administration; contains essays, photos, bibliographies & much more.

Digital Public Library of America.

- Links to nearly 6 million digital items. Limit your search by using 'World War, 1914-1918' and add further terms with AND.  Example: World War, 1914-1918 AND Posters.

Library of Congress: “A Guide to World War 1 Materials”

- This site contains a wealth of photos, period sound recordings, essays, bibliographies, timelines and links to many other collections

Imperial War Museum: This UK museum is a repository for hundreds of thousands of physical artifacts relating to war, including uniforms, medals, weapons, airplanes, etc. Also they have many thousands of photos and paintings, as well as personal memorabilia, such as post cards, letters, diaries, etc.  


   Use the following databases to search for materials:

Kaiser Bill "Wanted" Poster, 1918


Most catalogs and databases use the following subject term for WWI searches: World War, 1914-1918. Add terms to this to further narrow your search.

For example:  World War, 1914-1918 AND Histories will find histories of WW I.