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Free Media Software: Note Taking

This is a list of free media software to use for photo, audio, video editing - and more!

Note Taking Apps/Websites:




The service's webapp, desktop apps for Windows and Mac OS, mobile apps for iPhone and iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, and even WebOS mean that Evernote can help you take notes, save them, tag them with a location, create and organize notebooks, and share them anywhere you are and on any device you happen to have on you.



Simplenote is easy to use, free, and has a robust user and developer community behind it creating apps and utilities that plug into the service to make it even easier to use.

All the notes you type are automatically synchronized with the video. Later, just click on a line for the video to jump to the relevant part.




MS OneNote

The tool functions like a basic word processor, and lets you share your notes ans notebooks with others.

Google Keep

Synced to your Google account, Google Keep functions like a virtual sticky note. Make notes, lists, drawings, pictures, and more. 

Note Taking Software

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