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Case Studies in Strategic Communication: Find Articles & Statistics

Case Studies in Strategic Communication

Article Databases

The sources below will yield scholarly articles and company profiles. Try a variety of keywords in the database - remember that different articles may use different terms for the same idea. If there is a hashtag associated with the campaign, try searching it with and without the hashtag.

For newer campaigns, don't limit yourself to the name of the campaign. Research the product being advertised, marketing statistics and even recent articles about the company. These can give you insight into what the company is trying accomplish with that campaign. 

You may also be able to research the particular advertising agency or public relations firm responsible for the campaign. 

Trade Publications

These are just a few of the trade publications in Communication that are available through the library and online. The library access link includes published content, but the open web link may include blog posts and other related content--so check them both!

Case Studies