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*Art & Design Subject Guide: Citing Images (MLA)

Welcome to the Art & Design Subject Guide, where you'll find a variety of library resources to support your research.

Citation Examples (MLA)

—To cite a work of art: MLA 8th Edition:

Lastname, Firstname of the Artist, Title of the Artwork, Date of Composition,

            Medium used to create the artwork.  Name of the Institution that houses the artwork,

            City of the Institution.


Sargent, John Singer.  Madame X (Madame Pierre Gautreau), 1883-84, Oil on Canvas.

            Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

In text: (Sargent)


—To cite a work of art reproduced in a book (MLA 8th Edition): Follow as above, adding information on the book:


Itten, Johannes. The Encounter, 1916, Oil on Canvas.  Kunsthaus, Zurich.     

            The Prestel Dictionary of Art and Artists in the Twentieth Century, Prestel, p. 165.

In text: (Itten)


—To cite a work of art reproduced in a website (MLA 8th Edition): As above, adding information for the website

Gamble, Sidney.  Man on Rope Bridge, 1917-19, Photograph. Duke University Libraries:  

            Digital Collections.

            Accessed 23 Feb. 2017.

In text: (Gamble)