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APA Citation Guide: (Previous/6th Edition): Books & eBooks

By a single author

Author's name. (Year of publication). Book title. Publication information.


Mitchell, T. R. (1987). People in organizations: An introduction to organizational behavior. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

Cited in text: (Mitchell, 1987)

By two authors

Authors' names. (Year of Publication). Book title. Publication information.


Beck, C. A. J., & Sales, B. D. (2001). Family mediation: Facts, myths, and future prospects. Washington, DC: American

Psychological Association.

Cited in text: (Beck & Sales, 2001)

By three to five authors

All authors' names. (Year of publication). Title. Publication information.


Daniels, H., Garner, P., & Jones, C. (1999). Inclusive education. London: Kogan Page.

Cited in text (first time): (Daniels, Garner, & Jones, 1999)

Cited in text (subsequent): (Daniels et al., 1999)


Note: For six or more authors, simply list the first author and “et al.” for all in text citations, including the first.

Two books, same author (sorted by date, oldest first)

Author's name. (Year of publication). Book title. Publication information.


Hemingway, E. (1929). A farewell to arms. New York, NY: Scribner.

Hemingway, E. (1952). Old man and the sea. New York, NY: Scribner.

Cited in text: (Hemingway, 1929; 1952)

Edited book

Editors' names (Eds.). (Year of publication). Book title. Publication information.


Gibbs, J. T., & Huang, L. N. (Eds.). (1991). Children of color: Psychological interventions with minority youthSan

Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Cited in text: (Gibbs & Huang, 1991)

Book, no author or editor

Title in author position. (Year of publication). Publication information.


Merriam-Webster's collegiate dictionary (10th ed.). (1993). Springfield, MA: Merriam-Webster.

Cited in text: (Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 1993).

Chapter in a book

Author names. (Year of publication). Title of chapter. Title of book. Place of publication: Publisher. 


Dym, B., & Hutson, H. (2005). The cultural narrative of leadership. Leadership in nonprofitorganizations. Thousand

Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. 

Cited in text: (Dym & Hutson, 2005)

Chapter in an edited book

Author names. (Year of publication). Title of chapter. In Editors' Names (Eds.), Title of book (pp.). Place of publication:



Wood, R., Hall, D. M., & Hasian, M., Jr. (2008). Globalization, social justice movements, and the human genome diversity

debates: A case study in health activism. In H. M. Zoller & M. J. Dutta (Eds.), Emerging perspectives in health

communication: Meaning, culture, and power (pp. 431-446). New York, NY: Routledge. 

Cited in text: (Wood, Hall, & Hasian, 2008) 

Encyclopedia or dictionary

Lead editor (Ed.). (Year of publication). Title (Edition and number of volumes). Publication information.


Smith, S. (Ed.) (1980). The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians (6th ed., Vols. 1-20). London, UK: Macmillan.

Cited in text: (Smith, 1980)

An entry in an encyclopedia or dictionary

Author of entry. (Year of publication). Title of entry. In title of encyclopedia (Vol. #, pp.). Publication information.


Bergmann, P. G. (1993). Relativity. In The new encyclopedia Britannica (Vol. 26, pp. 501-508). Chicago, IL: Encylopedia


Cited in text: (Bergmann, 1993).

An entry in an online encyclopedia or dictionary

Title of entry. (Date). In Title of work (edition). Retrieved from URL. 

Example: Duplicitous. (2010). In Oxford English Dictionary Online. Retrieved from 

Cited in text: ("Duplicitous," 2010)


Author. (Year of publication). Title of book. [Electronic version]. Retrieved from URL.


Peterson, B., & Carco, D. (1998). The smart way to buy information technology: How to maximize value and avoid costly

pitfalls [NetLibrary version]. Retrieved from

Cited in text: (Peterson, 1998)

Chapter from an electronic book

Author. (Year of publication). Title of chapter. In editor's name (Ed.) [if applicable], Title of book

(pp. xx-xx) [Electronic version]. Retrieved from URL. 


Young, M.D. (2003). Troubling policy discourse: Gender, constructions, and the leadership crisis. In M.D. Young &

L. Skrla (Eds.), Reconsidering feminist research in educational leadership (pp. 265-298) [NetLibrary version].

Retrieved from

Cited in text: (Young, 2003)

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