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FYS - Summers - Financial Crises: Journal Finder

Financial Crises

Using Journal Finder in a database

Many of our databases contain links to the full-text of the articles. Sometimes, however, when looking at a particular article, you may see "Check Journal Finder for Full Text Availability" instead of the full-text. Click on this link to find out if we have access to that journal. 

  • If we do have the journal, check the dates of coverage to determine if we have access to the issue you need. 
  • Click on the journal title, locate the issue the article appears in, then find the article within that issue. You should see a link to the PDF or HTML full text of the article. 
  • If we do not have the journal, or do not have the issue you need, you can request the article through Interlibrary Loan. Just fill out the Request Form with the information from the article record. Make sure to enter your name and email!

Journal Finder

How to find full text through Journal Finder

Finding articles from a citation in Journal Finder

If you have a citation for a journal article and you need to find the actual article, click on the Journal Finder link on the library's home page

  • Enter the name of the journal in the search box. 
  • Journal Finder will display the icons on the left, depending on what our library has access to.
  • If we have online access, click on the title of the journal, navigate to the issue you need, and locate the article in that issue. 
  • If we have print access, locate the issue on the second floor int he current periodicals or the bound periodicals on the third floor.