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Legal Citation Guide: Law Review Articles


A law review article is essentially a scholarly article about a legal issue or topic. Therefore, they are cited the same way your citation style recommends citing journal articles. See below for examples from APA, MLA, and Chicago style.

HPU Libraries subscribes to HeinOnline, which contains a collection dedicated to full-text law review articles.

APA and MLA Style


Author(s). (Year of Publication). Title of article: Subtitle of article. Journal Title in Italics, volume number(issue number), page numbers.

Reference list:

Fee, J. (2020). The freedom of speech-conduct. Kentucky Law Journal, 109(1), 81-126.

In-text: (Fee, 2020)


Note: If there is no DOI listed and the article was retrieved online, include the URL. Do not, however, include URLS to library databases or any subscription not accessible to your reader. In this case, just leave off this part and format it as a print article.



Lastname, Firstname, MI. “Article Title.” Journal Title in Italics, vol. #, no. #, Season Publication Date, Page(s). Title of Database, URL.

Works Cited:

Fee, John. "The Freedom of Speech-Conduct." Kentucky Law Journal, vol.109, no.1, 2020,

pp.81-126. HeinOnline,


In-text: (Fee 112)


Tips & FAQs

Q. Are law reviews primary or secondary sources?

A. Law review articles are considered secondary sources, as they are analyzing and interpreting the law. Statutes and case documents are considered primary sources.


For academic citation styles, be sure to spell out the name of the journal in which the article appears (you may see them abbreviated in strict Bluebook examples).

Chicago Style


Lastname, Firstname, MI. "Article Title." Journal Title in Italics volume #, no. # (Publication Date): Page(s). Accessed month day, year. URL.


Fee, John. "The Freedom of Speech-Conduct." Kentucky Law Journal 109, no. 1 (2020): 81-126.

Accessed June 28, 2021.



1. John Fee, "The Freedom of Speech-Conduct," Kentucky Law Journal 109, no. 1 (2020):

81-126, accessed June 28, 2021.