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EndNote 20: Organize & Share

Create Groups

If you are working on multiple large projects with different sets of references, you may want to create a separate EndNote Library for each project.

If you are working on a single project with a lot of references, you will want to take advantage of the grouping feature within your EndNote Library. You can organize your references into groups and then share your EndNote Library with your colleagues.

To create a group, you can click Groups-->Create Group, or right click under "My Groups" and click "Greate Group" like so:



Share Your Library

To share your EndNote Library with another EndNote user, simply click File-->Share.

You can list up to 100 e-mail addresses. Make sure you get the correct e-mail addresses--the ones your friends used to sign up for an EndNote account.


*Note: If you would like to share just one group with a colleague and not your entire library, you can do so in EndNote Online.

Group Icons

The icon next to a group name indicates whether it is shared or private. Chapter 1 below is shared:

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