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EndNote 20: Get Started

STEP 1: Download & Install EndNote 20

To download EndNote, first make sure Microsoft Word and any other Microsoft Office programs and documents are closed. Visit the library's Course Reserves page and search for "EndNote." Click the link for EndNote, then the next link for EndNote, then the longer link under "description" to view the download instructions. If you are off campus, you will need to enter you HPU credentials at this point to get access.



Make sure to click the first link for the latest version. This will download a PDF with the files and detailed instructions. Click the link for the appropriate install (pc or mac). And FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THAT PAGE CAREFULLY.

*VERY IMPORTANT: If you are installing EndNote on a PC or Windows computer, you MUST drag the downloaded folder to the desktop before attempting to open and run the install. This will allow you to register as a High Point University user and skip entering a product key, which you would otherwise have to purchase.

When installed correctly, your program will be registered to High Point University. If you are asked for a product key, delete everything and start over. Dragging the folder to your desktop before extracting the files is the essential step for a successful PC installation.

After you open the program for the first time, you may be prompted to download and install updates. Go ahead and do so, then restart the program and it should be ready to use.

STEP 2: Set up and/or Sync Your Account

To link to a new or existing EndNote Online Account

Our EndNote license includes a subscription to EndNote Online, also known as EndNote Web (ENW). To sync your desktop and web accounts (or to create an ENW account):

  1. In EndNote (desktop), go to the menu at the top and click on Edit > Preferences.
  2. Click on Enable Sync.
    1. If you have an existing ENW account, enter your account information to sync your desktop and web versions.
    2. If you do not have an existing account, click on Sign Up to create one.
  3. Check the Sync Automatically box to ensure that your accounts automatically update each other. You can also manually sync your accounts at any time by clicking the blue Sync button in the toolbar.

Endnote also offers an app for iPad. Learn more about the app or download it free from the Apple App Store.

STEP 3: Create an EndNote Library

If your computer does not automatically create an EndNote Library, you will see a blank screen when you open the program for the first time. You can create your first EndNote Library by clicking on "File" ---> "New."

You will be prompted to save your EndNote Library as a .enl file. Your library will exist separately from the EndNote program itself and can be e-mailed and opened on other devices which have EndNote installed. You may create as many libraries as you like.

A fresh EndNote Library looks like this:


Your EndNote library has three basic areas:

  • A left-side box which displays your groups and preferences.
  • A central box where references are listed for the selected group.
  • A right-side box which displays details for a selected reference.



Congratulations! You are now ready to start adding references to your library!