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Marketing Research MKT 2110-05: Marketing Research Data

Industry reports

Good quality industry reports are hard to locate. The narrative found in an industry report is usually compiled by an expert in the field. Here are two resources that you can access that provides that level of data. 

Statista is market data collection tool that scours the web to find data and then displays it in an easy to use interface that provides output in multiple graphic packages such as PNGs, PDFs, Excel and PPT. 

Business Insight which we already reviewed, collects narratives about industries and then links to those narratives via the company record. 

Note: The following video helps demonstrates the concepts found in the narrative located on this page. 

Watch the video on the page or use this link - Market Research Data .

Marketing Research Data video guide


Statista is a great resource to use. It gathers market and marketing data from the web into this visual search interface. The data is pulled from the marketing resources. Locate the search box and simply add a topic. It works well with company information and international content. 

Try a search for an industry - a company - a topic of interest - a product - a service. 

Click on an image to see the image within the Statista platform. 

1. This chart shows the surgical instruments market in the US and is divided by the type of products. What is the leading product type by sales in this industry group?


















2. This chart demonstrates the global medical technology market. The US outpaces the rest of the world in the purchase of medical technology.  


3. The Covid pandemic response affected what we did - this chart illustrates sale growth among high-demand medical products during the crisis.  


Other Marketing data and numbers resources

Market resources tell you how an industry - company or market segment is performing. Information on some markets are harder to find than others. Information on computer technology is pretty difficult but furniture, clothing and shoes are pretty easy. Proprietary company data can be difficult to locate. So do not get frustrated and try these sources!  

We already looked at a source that provided industry data. Business Insight has an entire section of Industry reports. While you are looking at a company record simply click on the link found under Industries 

The next page shows the industry report and you can read and reference that report as a part of your research. Use can also use the search link and search for an industry and then find and read the report. 

Here is what this looks like.

Click on the image below to view the report.