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Marketing Research MKT 2110-05: Company Information

Company information

Using your business background will make this research easy!

Before you start to search here are a couple of definitions to keep in mind: 

  • Public companies issue stock that may be traded on one of the open exchanges
  • Private companies do not have to publicly disclose financial information
  • Subsidiaries are a part of a parent company

Question: Company data allows the market researcher the opportunity to see how a company of interest is performing. This research can lead you to other content such as the competitors, similar brands or products and how the market segment is performing overall.    

Should I trust the company I am researching to tell me how the company is doing? 

Note: The following video helps demonstrates the concepts found in the narrative located on this page. 

Watch the video on the page or use this link - Company Information

Company Information video guide

Business Insight

In this example I used Business Insight and did a search for JetBlue - the low-cost airline. Researching a company of interest helps me find other research about the industry. I can see how JetBlue is doing in the market by clicking on the links that are on the left hand side of the page. Under companies with similar revenue you can see the competitors and you can click on the company name to locate data about those companies. And finally, if you look under the Industries you can see that JetBlue is in the Scheduled Passenger Air Transportation Industry. Use that link to find other data on the industry.

Here is how to perform the search: 

1. Search the company name. 


2. Click the links on the page and read about the company. 


3. Finally, look at the narrative and the data that can be found in the industry data link. 

Well done! You now have a better idea about JetBlue as a company and about the airline industry as a whole.