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How to Upload Your Dissertation to ProQuest: Pre-Submission Formatting


Pre-Submission Formatting

Follow the guidelines below to convert your dissertation to a PDF, embed fonts, and assign subject categories.

Converting Your Word File to a PDF

Embedding Fonts into a PDF

It is a requirement that fonts be embedded into all PDF documents that are uploaded to the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses database.

What does "embed fonts" mean?

Embedding fonts allows all readers of your work to see your document as you intended. 

If you do not embed all of your fonts, and those fonts are not available on the reader's computer, Adobe Acrobat will make its best guess at what font it should use as a substitute. This can result in significant differences between your original document and what the reader sees (particularly with symbol fonts).

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Subject Category & Keyword Selection

ProQuest requires you to assign Subject Categories and Keywords to your dissertation/thesis to insure that your work can be found by other researchers. 

Subject Category

  • You may choose 3 Subject Categories from ProQuest's Subject Categories List
  • Select the one category that best describes your field of research. You may add up to two additional categories on your submission form that reflect secondary subjects associated with your work.


  • You may assign up to 6 author supplied keywords to your dissertation/thesis. 
  • Keywords allow you to be more specific about the subjects, methodologies, and conceptual framework covered in your research. This will allow other researchers to more easily locate your dissertation/thesis through keyword searches. 

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