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Research Help 101: Picking a Topic & Brainstorming

Getting started with your research!

What do you want to write about?


Before you start writing, take some time to think about what you want to write about. What topic is interesting to you? Then do some research to learn more about the issue BEFORE you take a stance. 


The words you use to search for information on your topic are important! Databases look for the exact words that you put in, so you need to think about what words are used to describe your topic, including synonyms and related terms. 

Photo Credit: "#whyopen brainstorm" by Laila Le Guen CC BY 2.0

Topic Databases

These databases are organized by topic to help you find information on controversial issues. The articles represent the many sides of each issue. Remember, most debates are not simply pro and con. Not all the articles in these databases represent opinions. Some provide information that may help you support your argument, bring in another perspective, or help you refute an opposing argument. 

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