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Podcasting and Audio Production: Getting Started

Resources available to get started with audio production and podcasting.

Getting Started

One of the best ways to get started with podcasts is to take a quick survey of what other podcasts are out there and what tools and training are available for the beginner.

NPR Guides for Starting a Podcast

The good people at NPR host dozens of individual podcasts, as well as having the NPR Student Podcast Challenge. They have provided a plethora of resources to help folks get started with their own podcasts. 

Want to Start a Podcast? Read this first. A quick run-down of the considerations one should go into a podcast endeavor asking themselves.

Starting Your Podcast: A Guide for Students - a very helpful page with information and resources ranging from recording hardware, content/idea development, audio production techniques, interview tips, and audio editing.

NPR Training: Audio 101 - a collection of brief articles and tutorials to help answer specific questions when producing a podcast. 

Professional Sound from a DIY Studio: It can be done!

A Blueprint for Planning Storytelling Projects

Get Great Sound Every Time with this Field Recording Checklist

The Producer's Handbook for Mixing Audio Stories

Other Getting Started Resources

Of course, NPR isn't the only game in town when it comes to developing and producing quality podcast content. Check out these other sources for tips and advice on getting started with your podcast: - An Insider's Guide to Podcasting: 9 Steps to Get Started Today - How to Start a Podcast: Every Single Step for 2020 - Podcasting for Beginners: The Complete Guide to Getting Started with Podcasts

Example Podcasts

Not sure what you want your podcast to sound like or how it will be structured? Listen to a few other podcasts to get those creative juices flowing. 


Cautionary Tales

Get Sleepy

The Greatest Game

Off Menu

Video Tutorials for Getting Started