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Marketing Research Resources at HPULibraries


This research guide was created to introduce you to some of the University's market research resources.

This guide covers four areas: companies, secondary research content, industries, and published market research data.

Use the tabs to chose a type of research and then you can explore by clicking on links to the resources. 

Thinking about market research data.

There is a lot of wonderful data that I can use to research markets. Market data can also challenge our view of what we think about a market or an industry. For instance, as an American and an iPhone user I might think that they are one of the more common phones (all my friends have one) but as you can see in this chart they are just a percentage of the worldwide market. Check the graph. What percentage is the iPhone market? (15 to 20 percent).  

Smartphone production - worldwide

This next chart shows market penetration for smartphones in general. The United States is a major market but it is a small percentage of the overall world market. So what share of the market does the US represent? Yes - about 10%.
These numbers make more sense if we remember that China has about 1.3 billion citizens and the US has about 338 million. 
Market share of smartphone shipments by country.



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